I’m “chemically sensitive” and used to take allergy shots for it. I use fragrance-free cleaning products, laundry detergent etc. BUT, I REALLY love the stress relief soap and lotion! It is one of the only scented soaps I can use without having an allergic reaction. I am hooked on it for sure! I’m loving that soap!

I LOVE your solid lotion. What an amazing product. I bought several at the Craftsmen’s fair, one of them for me and the others as gifts. I gave one to my great friend and can’t seem to part with the other two. I NEED more for the holidays and I have several friends who want some as well. One of the girls I gave the lotion to, and has ordered 12, told me that her feet are great now too. Her husband even noticed how different they were, and you know, husbands usually don’t notice things like that. She has only used it for 6 days.

I would like to order some of the solid lotion. I tried some a friend had and it is wonderful.

I absolutely LOVE this lotion. I have one in my bathroom, my kitchen, my car and at work!

Thank you for your wonderful product. I have given several lotions as gifts and everyone loves it!
Carol- GA

I just LOVE the solid lotion!!!

I purchased some of your solid lotion in Ginger Peach this weekend in Greensboro. I absolutely love it and it’s already done wonders on my skin.
Barbara- NC

I bought this from you in Greensboro. I have been to four doctors and lots of prescriptions. So far the solid lotion has helped me. My hands are better now than they have been for years.
Debra- NC

I was given the shea butter solid lotion for my birthday and love it. I am buying some for my sisters birthdays next week.

Thank you again….this is my 3rd order for this scrub…I LOVE IT. I only wish you sold it by the gallon! Do you make any small sample sizes of it so I can share with my friends??

I bought the stress relief solid lotion at a craft show in Va. while on vacation back in October and I love it!!

I received one of your products as a birthday gift from my daughter and fell in love with it. The solid lotion to be more specific.