Lavender Solid Lotion

Timeless, calming, elegant Lavender. Truly a classic.
2 oz. (Price: $9.00)
4 oz. (Price: $12.00)

Timeless, calming, elegant Lavender. Truly a classic.

Ingredients: almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, essential or fragrance oil, vitamin E, may contain titanium dioxide, red 7, blue 1, yellow 5.

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2 reviews for Lavender Solid Lotion

  1. Kathy Johnson (verified owner)

    Shabbybath Lotion Bars are a great treat for my hands and nails. I especially enjoy using it at bedtime so that the nourishment can soak in and linger overnight. This is a great product!!

  2. Linda Hackler (verified owner)

    My nighttime routine, in addition to my Lips & Stuff, now includes Lavender Solid Lotion. I especially use it on my hands and nails so it has time to be absorbed overnight. I absolutely love this stuff. I have gifted it to others and they are raving about it too.

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